Is Florida ready to reopen – this reporter says no

Is Florida ready to reopen – this reporter says no

Florida, as usual, has been making headlines, as coronavirus cases throughout the country spike as angrily as the summer heat. But in the raging pandemic, there is still no placing a state this varied in a box.

On July 4, there were 11,458 new verified coronavirus cases in Florida — a new single-day high for the nation. Some measures toward reopening are being rolled back, and public health officials sound alarms about the increasing strain on medical care systems.

However, travellers are out and about taking advantage of all of the Sunshine State offers.

Unsurprisingly, their coronavirus precautions varied widely in a similar fashion as the pandemic response has been both locally and across the country.

However, one business stood out with their precautions. The Clearwater Marine Aquarium, visitors have to book time slots in advance to keep social distancing.

Everything is exceptionally well organised, with hand sanitiser stations everywhere you look and their small crafts operating at half-capacity.