Queensland borders finally reopen

Queensland borders finally reopen

Queensland’s boundaries have formally reopened to travellers from all states and territories except Victoria after months of a strict coronavirus lockdown.

Long queues have formed at border crossings in northern New South Wales where authorities are checking border traffic and moves is creating a slow crawl through.

Gold Coast’s Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler said about an hour following the border opening, drivers were facing delays of about 30 minutes.

Some travellers crossing the border at Coolangatta were optimistic about the time it might take. But anybody with Victorian plates has been subjected to additional scrutiny and are being asked for further proof they have never been in Victoria.

Police are assessing things like people’s receipts and time stamps to confirm if their claims are legitimate.

Up to now, Supt. Wheeler stated he hadn’t heard of anybody who had not provided adequate proof.

Travellers flying into Brisbane airport were permitted to disembark before this morning but confronted at least an hour-long wait in the airport terminal.